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Families To Pray For:

Week of October 15
Jamie, Sharon, Joshua & Grace Pynn
Louise & Eugene Pynn
Adele Rayment
Brenda Ritter
David, Deborah, Adam & Luke Robinson-Cooke

Individuals To Pray For:

Melvin Sparkes
Anne Bebbington
Shirley Spurrell
Emma Wettlaufer
Nick Doncheff
Ty Hanson
David, Megan & Bentley Hall
William Parsons
Ron Monkley
Natasha Barby
Joanne Irwin
Jayden & Myra Hooper
Tammy Wilson
Lynda van Hiel
Kathy Austin
Kathy Downer
Denise Davidson for medical concerns.
Phil Patriquin
Renee Hannam
Catherine Ghesquiere
Cadet Kassie Van Every at the College for Officer Training in Winnepeg, Manitoba.
Lieutenant Shelley Oseil as she ministers in her first corps appointment in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
All our children, youth & young adults as they take a stand for Christ at school.
The hiring process for our next Children & Youth Coordinator here at Mountain Citadel.

New Prayer Requests

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