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Mission Board
Function of the MIssion Board
  • To advance the soul saving mission of The Salvation Army.
  • To establish the mission, vision, goals and strategies of the church in consultation with the entire leadership team.
  • To meet regularly to pray, review, and evaluate the overall mission and ministries of the church.
  • To meet with Divisional Headquarters representative for annual ministry review.
  • To work alongside program leaders to establish goals and strategies for their activity areas in keeping with the church mission and strategic plan, including budgetary matters where applicable.
  • To ensure that sufficient resources are available for the fulfillment of ministry tasks.
  • To provide oversight to the varied ministries of the church and assist leaders in personnel matters including recruitment and training.
  • Keep the rolls up to date and make changes where necessary.


  • Encourage and give guidance and council to the Corps Officers and Church leadership team.
  • Balance past and present methods to meet the current needs of the church.
  • Attend all Mission Board meetings and will as able, support the Pastoral Care Team & the Spiritual Life Ministries meetings.
  • It is the prerogative of the CSM to sit in on and participate in all other Ministry Team meetings as he or she sees fit.
  • Assist the Corps Officer when reviewing and making changes to rolls.
  • Encourage church attenders to become Friends, Adherents or Soldiers.
  • Make provision to contact those who have not been attending.

Director of Worship
  • Provide guidance and vision for worship services reflecting the multi-generational makeup of the corps.
  • Help plan weekly worship services including coordinating the band, vocal group, worship team and technical support.
  • Encourage the participation of children and youth in worship services.
  • Partner with the corps officers to craft orders of services ensuring worship services are well structured and align with sermon messages and vision of the corps. This includes helping to select songs and choruses and integrate creativity into worship, while maintaining a high level of excellence and consistency.
  • Identifiy, evaluate and develop gifted individuals in the areas of technology, contemporary worship, drama and special music.
  • Arrange scheduling of special music.
  • Arrange opportunities for musicians and technicians to create a culture of ongoing improvement in ministry and technical skills.

Director of Spiritual Life
  • Oversee the development of a vibrant culture of prayer and the study of God’s Word throughout all areas of the corps.
  • Help all who attend Mountain Citadel to become “passionate about prayer” by providing opportunities and resources to enhance both private and corporate prayer.
  • Assist in the spiritual development of the children and youth.
  • Facilitate the multiplication of small groups in the corps through training, teaching, vision casting, organizing and recruiting small group participants.
  • Assist all Soldiers/Adherents/Friends of Mountain Citadel in having a ministry matching their spiritual gifts.
  • Assist in the recruitment of potential new Salvation Army members.

Director of Pastoral Care
  • Provide guidance and help equip all who share responsibility for the caring ministry of the corps.
  • Coming alongside group leaders (music leaders, youth leaders, adult group leaders, etc.) to enhance their “pastoral care ministry” within their respective groups through training and encouragement; thus cultivating a Christ-like care and concern for their members.
  • Provide encouragement and care which encompasses all members of the congregation.
  • Assist the Corps Officers when reviewing and making changes to membership rolls.
  • Keep the corps rolls up to date and make provisions to contact those not attending.

Director of Children & Youth Ministries
  • Provide spiritual development for the children/youth of the church and community through prayer, Christian education, discipleship programs and fellowship opportunities.
  • Ensure all children and youth of the corps are cared for.
  • Review curriculum for use in Sunday School, Youth Small Group Bible Study & discipleship, etc.
  • Reach out to the children and youth along with their families who live in the community.
  • Oversee Sunday School, Nursery, Junior Soldiers, Junior and Senior Youth groups, mid-week church/community music programs.
  • Network as necessary with the Director of Spiritual Life.
  • Encourage children and youth to become Junior and Senior Soldiers.
  • Encourage participation in divisional events, camps, youth councils, music festivals, outreach opportunities and mission trips.
  • Network with the Director of Church Life to provide fellowship opportunities to children, youth and families.

Director of Business Administration
  • Oversee all matters of administration, including finance and the properties of The Salvation Army Mountain Citadel (ie. Corps building, quarters).
  • Establish guidelines and budgets for the overall administration of corps ministries.
  • Provide liaison between all leaders with reference to business administration.
  • Communicate with the congregation, in co-operation with the Corps Officers concerning business and property matters.
  • Promote and provide leadership to existing initiatives and develop new initiatives for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the church in the fulfillment of its mission.
  • Assist with the planning and execution of a yearly stewardship campaign.

Director of Church LIfe
  • Strengthen the church body through special events coordination and fellowship.
  • Facilitate and assist with the planning of fellowship opportunities that fulfills the mission of the church and to encourage the church body.
  • Network as necessary with the Director of Children and Youth Ministries in the coordination of fellowship opportunities.
  • Create and plan opportunities for fellowship and awareness. ie. Partners in Mission awareness events, music events, community outreach events, children & youth events, senior’s fellowships, women’s ministries events, service opportunities, retreats, Easter celebrations, Rally Weekend, bi-monthly corps fellowships and potlucks, facilitating visiting groups, planning the annual corps ministry review Sunday, etc.
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